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How Can League of Legends Break the E-Sports Barrier?

How Can League of Legends Break the E-Sports Barrier?

by ThunderhulkLeague+of+Legends

I’ll start this off with some blatant facts: League of Legends is the biggest e-sport out there right now, people love watching it, and there are some serious problems with the way e-athletes are treated. The first two go hand-in-hand, and there’s not much to be said about them. That third one, though, is a concern for both e-athletes and Riot. It seems like every time I look at…

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Friday Top 10: Black Sheep of the Franchise

Friday Top 10: Black Sheep of the Franchise

by Thunderhulk

There have been many great video game franchises throughout history, and one thing that you tend to expect from a franchise is a consistent style of gaming. For instance, in a Zelda game, you usually expect to go into dungeons, get some items, and defeat Ganon/Ganondorf. Well, sometimes developers throw us for a loop and send out a game that looks and plays nothing like its…

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Are MMORPGs a Viable Genre?

Are MMORPGs a Viable Genre?

by ThunderhulkWoWScrnShot_091514_151030

Last week, I wrote about MMORPGs, where they came from, and where they’re going. Looking back at that article, and hearing some of the quarterly reports of WoW losing subscribers, WildStar dying, and some other gloom-and-doom reports, I have to wonder: are MMORPGs really a long-term viable genre?

One of the things that I’ve felt, having played World of Warcraft for the better part…

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Friday Top 10: Best Villains

Friday Top 10: Best Villains

by Thunderhulk

One of the best parts of any video game is the fact that (usually) you know what you’re up against, and the game creates a narrative around just how much you need to topple the bad guy/girl/metaphysical concept given flesh. With that in mind, here’s a completely biased and not at all exhaustive list of my favorite video game villains.

Some honorable mentions: Bowser, Shao Kahn, Dr.…

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A History Lesson on MMORPGs

A History Lesson on MMORPGs

by Thunderhulk

World of Warcraft will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, with an updated 40-man LFR Molten Core raid, and some other neat little stuff like the Molten Corgi. One question that comes to mind, though, when considering that WoW has been around for a decade at this point: how the hell do you keep people playing the same game for 10 years!?

The first point here is that WoW…

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Friday Top 10: How to Lose All Your Friends

Friday Top 10: How to Lose All Your Friends

by Thunderhulk

Some games come with multiplayer features. Now, this can be completely unnecessary (Metroid Prime 2, looking at you), but often it makes for a great experience in many games. So great, in fact, that you know not to play it with friends that you want to keep around, because they WILL hate you after playing these games.

10. Pokemon (any generation)pokemon battle

Pokemon seems like a pretty fun,…

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Taking a Look Back at the Legendary Cloak Quest

Taking a Look Back at the Legendary Cloak Quest

by Thunderhulk

With the upcoming release of patch 6.0.2, Blizzard will be officially removing the legendary cloak quest for characters who haven’t yet started it, and it will disappear from the game entirely when Warlords of Draenor goes live. This quest chain was a new direction for Blizzard, making a legendary a primarily solo adventure; let’s take a look to see if it worked. I’ll be avoiding…

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Friday Top 10: League of Legends Skins

Friday Top 10: League of Legends Skins

by Thunderhulk

Originally, this list was going to be the top 10 League of Legends champions, but because I don’t want to get into an internet war with everyone (yes, everyone), I’m gonna go ahead and dole out the honors for the 10 best skins in the game (1 per champion, otherwise Miss Fortune stomps). Actually this’ll probably start a different Internet war, but I already started writing.


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Replay Value and RPGs

Replay Value and RPGs

by Thunderhulk

One of the things you hear about games from time to time is that some of them have “great replay value” or “no replay value.” What is replay value, and why should we care about it? Well, put simply, replay value is how much fun I’m getting out of a game by playing it again after I beat it. Are there different options? New adventure paths? What is going to help me take this $60…

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Microsoft Purchasing Mojang for $2.5 BILLION

Microsoft Purchasing Mojang for $2.5 BILLION

by Thunderhulk

Or these guys will eat my face.

Yes, folks, you heard it right, Mojang, creators of Minecraft and some other games that aren’t Minecraft, have been purchased by Microsoft for the nice round number of $2.5 billion. Let that sink in: $2.5 BILLION. The Buffalo Bills just sold for $1.4 billion; Mojang is literally more valuable than an NFL franchise, which is bonkers.

So what does this mean? Microsoft has been mum…

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